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Westie Rescue in Indiana

We are glad you are here! 


Our love and passion for the "West Highland White Terrier" brings us together for the purpose of providing rescue activities and services that benefit Westies from shelters, breeding facilities, auctions, owner surrendered, and any other Westie finding itself neglected or homeless and in need of services. GLWR, Inc.'s provided services include, but are not limited to: pick up and transport of Westies; provision of veterinary care; evaluation of Westies; fostering, rehabilitation and training of Westies; soliciting and screening of adoptive permanent homes and placement in these approved homes; and the education of the public about the nature of the Westie and responsible Westie care and ownership. GLWR, Inc. seeks to educate the public to promote an end to; pet over-population by spaying/neutering, "puppy mills", and the sale of live animals in pet store settings.

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